Friday, January 13, 2012

Creative Ways to Memorize God's Word

Throughout our challenge of memorizing 52-verses, I would like to feature guest posts from our participants. Our first friend who graciously agreed to supply us with a guest post is Katie. I was excited to see her creative ways to help her in memorizing God's Word and I thought that you would appreciate it too.

If you are interested in sharing with us, please email me at
~Ana Renee

Greetings, 52-Challenge participants!  

My name is Katie, and I'm participating in this wonderful 52 Verses 52 Weeks Challenge. I am so grateful to Ana Renee for creating and hosting this challenge, and I am humbled that she asked me to share a post from my personal blog here regarding one way I recently discovered to help me memorize my verses this year. 

For years, I collected those free advertising magnets you get from your doctor's office or in the mail from a particular business. I figured I could always use them for something and just set them aside in a kitchen drawer. I came across the pile of magnets the other day and had an idea.

Here is the sea of magnets that were just waiting for some special purpose in our home.

I have been looking for new ways to help hide God's Word in my heart for this challenge. I also have been looking for new spots around the house to display the Bible verses I'm working on so I can see them as I go about my daily business. That's where these magnets come into play. I'm going to decorate these magnets with my memory verses! :) I have almost just enough to write all of my verses for the whole year. Now, I won't always endorse holding onto things that produce unnecessary clutter around the house, but I would recommend turning an old, unused magnet into a tool to hide God's Word in your heart! ♥

Here's the first of my magnet makeovers...

I selected a magnet that was the right size for the verse I was memorizing.

I traced the shape of the magnet on some cardstock and cut it out.

I glued the cardstock cutout onto the magnet. (**NOTE: I would recommend using a gluestick or double-sided tape as alternatives. About an hour after the magnet was finished it curled up a bit. I flattened it back out by placing a heavy object on it, but I wanted to comment here and save anyone interested in trying this the trouble.)

Now, I have a new clean canvas to write my memory verse.

I chose to simply write my verse out, but I easily could have typed it up on the computer instead. I might do that for future verses.

I grabbed just a few embellishing items and decorated the magnet a bit.

The magnet is finished!

    BEFORE                                                         AFTER

Now, it can be posted on three places I visit often:

The refrigerator...

The dishwasher...

...and the washer. 

Using those three spots alone, I think the opportunities for me to glance at God's Word in my home just increased greatly! Now I have to go search out some other spots around the house that are magnetic. How many magnets do you have lying around the house that could be turned into tools to help you memorize your Bible verses? ♥ Happy memorizing!

"And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates." ~Deuteronomy 6:9


Anonymous said...

That is a very creative idea! Thank you for sharing!

Missy said...

Great idea!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks for the inspiration and creative idea

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely idea! Thank you :)

Carol said...

A wonderful way to use available resources.

TN Quiltbug said...

Love this idea! And your magnet turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing!