Q: What version of Bible to use?
A: We personally use the King James Version, but it is not a requirement for you to do the same. However, I encourage you to memorize your verses from a literal translation of God's Word.

Q: Do verses from another challenge count?
A: If you are involved in another memory project, you may definitely join our 52-verse challenge!!! In fact, joining duplicate memory challenges might help in your memorization!

Q: Do you pick the verses for us to memorize?
We do not pick the verses for you to memorize because we feel like God will lead different people to memorize different verses that are meaningful to them. If you are not sure what to memorize, look here for ideas. You might also glean ideas from others who are participating in this challenge.

Q: I don't have a blog, so would it be okay if I post about my weekly progress as a comment?
A: You are not required to have a blog to participate in this challenge and I welcome your comments of your weekly progress!! Check "The Challenge" page for a few other ideas to help you in this journey.

Do you have other questions? Ask in a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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