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If you have joined this challenge and would like to see your name posted above, comment with your name and blog/profile URL (optional). If you submit your name to be listed, we assume that you will try your best to regularly keep up with the challenge throughout this year. Thank you for your interest in this challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is a great idea. I hope and pray that God will bless us all for being willing to memorize Gods word

Anonymous said...

I may not get to that many verses, but with God's help I will complete as many as He wants me to complete this year. Thank you for the encouragement and getting this challenge together.

Anonymous said...

I had a really hard time keeping up with the 1/week (and probably made it to about 1/2) but I am very thankful for the encouragement and e-mail reminder to be storing God's Word in my heart. Atleast "unofficially", I hope to try again in 2013! :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join up again! I was committed to the challenge last year until about verse 40, then I just got overwhelmed and gave up. I was hesitant to join up this year, but what harm could it do? I'll try it again!

My name is Tirzah and I'm from

Thanks so much for this challenge!

Kelly-Anne said...

I will definitely be joining in the challenge again this year! I loved memorizing the verses last year and they helped me out on so many occasions:)

Blessings, Kelly-Anne

Amy said...

I hope it's not to late to join. My name is Amy and my blog is

God Bless!

Rubies Like Ruth said...


No! It is not too late to join!! Actually, people can join all year round. The point is memorizing 52 verses in a year, but more importantly, simply hiding God's Word in our heart.

Thanks for joining!
~Ana Renee

Maddy McDonald said...

This is such a great idea, and its inspired me to challenge myself to memorise more of God's word!

I think it'll be good to be reminded each week of something to memorise, so I'd really like to join...

My name is Maddy and my blog is

Keep up the great work!

Maddy :)