Saturday, December 10, 2011

Q&A: Verses to Memorize

JC asked:
Do you pick the verses for us to memorize or do we pick them ourselves?
 We do not pick the verses for you to memorize because we feel like God will lead different people to memorize different verses that are meaningful to them. If you are not sure what to memorize, look here for ideas. You might also glean ideas from others who are participating in this challenge.


Missy said...

Here are some ways that I pick verses:

1. Write down verses that jump out or impact you from your daily quiet time
2. Pick a key word that you want your verse to be about such as "love" or "anger" and use a concordance or google to look up all verses pertaining to it.
3. Flip through your bible or notes and find any highlighted or marked verses that have jumped out at you in the past.

Rubies Like Ruth said...


Thank you for your ideas. They are very helpful! :)

~Ana Renee

ms.composure said...

yes def some gr8 ideas!!! thanks for sharing

Kasey said...

Oh, I am so glad I came and caught this post. I was thinking we were following a list of verses that were provided here. I actually like this better! I will get to work on my list! And thanks, Missy, for the great ideas to get me started!